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HealthLink® is a medical product manufacturer located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our Green Wagon is filled with a vast array of products allowing the distributor to bundle their purchases. HealthLink brand is considered the best in the industry.

HealthLink Product Categories

infection-control.png Infection Control Products

HealthLink offers a complete line of infection control products to meet your needs in the areas of hand care and surface care.
All of our products are formulated to be safe, effective, and exceptionally user-friendly.

handcare.png Hand Care Products

HealthLink's hand care products are designed exclusively for the healthcare environment. Our hand care products are the finest quality available with many of them containing adequate amounts of AloeVera to help soothe your skin.

disinfectants.png Disinfectants / Deodorizers

Check out HealthLink's selection of Disinfectants and Deodorizers. From CitraStatRX® (a natural citrus odor eliminator) to CitriGuard® II (a highly effective hard surface disinfectant without the harsh chemical odor), HealthLink's Family of Medical Products can certainly fill your needs.

dispensers.png Dispensers

Manual & Automatic Dispensers for use with 800 ml Bag-in-Box AloeGuard® Antimicrobial Soap and GBG AloeGel® Instant Hand Sanitizer

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, compliance with hand washing guidelines is a challenge. Let GBG AloeGel® and GBG FOAMING™ Instant Hand Sanitizers solve the problem. They are readily accessible, effective, yet gentle hand sanitizers.